Summer Solstice Pool Session

The summer solstice, June 20th.  Sacred to the ancients, a liminal time half-way between the birth of the new year and the death of the old. The Heel Stone at Stonehenge is illuminated by the first rays of the sunrise, the great pyramids of Khafra and Khufu frame the sunset. The Weald Leisure Centre at Cranbrook is aligned so that, at 8pm on the longest day of the year, the fire doors will swing open and a procession of kayaks can solemnly be carried into the pool. See you there!

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Open Day 27th May 2024

Would you like to try paddling a canoe, kayak or stand up paddleboard (SUP) ?
Then here is your chance to give it a go under the supervision of PaddleUK
qualified coaches, 
Or maybe your a Maidstone Canon Club member and are free to come help out on the water or handy behind a BBQ
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Maidstone Marathon 19th May

Can you help out with the running of the Maidstone Marathon 19th May at the club

We could do with some help in the club house for helping with refreshments and some help at the portage ensuring the paddlers and walkers don't get tangled 
Please let Bryn know if you can help 
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Pool Session - Take My Breath Away

The theme of this month’s pool session is “bracing”, i.e. how to stay upright in your kayak. It’s therefore completely inappropriate to note that it will be exactly 38 years since the release of the original Top Gun movie and its iconic soundtrack featuring Berlin - Take My Breath Away. Having no breath is absolutely the last thing you want when your brace has failed and you’re upside down in a kayak.

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Pool Session: Balsa Rafts & Papyrus Boats

This Thursday marks 22 years since the death of Thor Heyerdahl, Norwegian adventurer & ethnographer. His book “Voyage of the Kon-Tiki” was probably the first real-life adventure book I read, and his sheer lunacy and bloody-minded perseverance was an inspiration to an impressionable schoolboy. For those not familiar, he built himself a raft of balsa wood and sailed solo across the Pacific to prove his fringe academic theory - that ancient South Americans populated remote Pacific islands - was possible. Not content with that, he then sailed from Africa to Barbados in a boat made from papyrus. 

In case anyone else is inspired by the magnificent Thor Heyerdahl, we’ll be running a special session on “rescues” at the pool session this Thursday. You’ll need it.

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MCC Member >>> #ShePaddles Ambassadors journey into White Water paddling

See MCC Member Charlotte Fife's story on Paddle UK Website!

Screenshot 2024 04 05 at 13.11.03

#ShePaddles Ambassador Charlotte Fife has been an avid paddler for six years now, but her love of white water started when she joined her university canoe club. She shares her journey into white water kayaking and tips for how you can give it a try.



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Good luck Tom!

One of our club members is doing the ‘DW’ tomorrow and will be completing a non stop 125 mile paddle from Devizes to Westminster! 

He’s raising money for a brilliant cause while doing it too

Good luck Tom! 

Here's the JustGiving link.

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