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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club

 We sea kayak.

 We race.

 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

 We mess about in boats.

 We run rivers.

Last-minute course availability

Two spaces have opened up on our beginner course tomorrow, Wednesday 2nd September.  This is one of the final courses of the season, so get in quick!

River Clean Up

We will be holding another river clean up on Sunday 13th September, for the whole stretch between East Farleigh and Allington, in colaboration with Medway Valley Countryside Partnership. We will beat covid restrictions by dividing into small groups and doing differnt bits of the river and starting at different times. If you are willing and able to participate please let me know. I would much prefer if you could join the WhatsApp group 'River Cleanup' using this link this will allow me to organise into groups and cummnicate with participants more easily. We already have 14 participants including lots of our new members so it would be good to have some more experienced members helping out. If you join the WhatsApp group I will message you for your name if I don't have your mobile number on file. If you don't do WhatsApp you should but no worries please email me and I will keep you informed separately.  The local press will be invited to this event.

Access to land and rivers

There is an interesting Article on Tonbridge Canoe Club Facebook Page from The Guardian, which is worth a read. I have been trying to talk to my MP about this ( Helen Whatley on line) for some time. I will try again in September. In the meantime as I understand the current situation in England no one owns the surface of a river but can bar access from banks and land. This, I believe, is not the case in Scotland. I tried to post it here but I think it is too long.  

Club Buoyancy Aids

As one of the club's covid measures members were allowed to take a club BA home with them for use on their next paddle. However, this lockdown is going on much longer than was anticipated and the club is a bit short of BAs for the beginner courses, particularly the larger ones. If you do have one of these we would be grateful if you could now return it to the club's main boat store please. Many thanks.

Paddle news

More precisely, a request for Paddle News!  The newsletter is due out in a couple of weeks, and without you fabulous people writing for it, it looks pretty lonely! Please send in your paddling-related articles - poems, trip reports, technique hints, kit reviews - to in the next 10 days.  I'm looking forward to reading them!

The Three R's

That's right: Ropework Rescue Refresher!  For whitewater paddlers looking for a quick refresh on mechanical advantage, rescuing pinned paddlers, and maybe even some Throwbag Olympics.  September 11th, 6:30pm - hope to see you there!