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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club

 We sea kayak.

 We race.

 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

 We mess about in boats.

 We run rivers.

Club Closed

In light of the latest advice from British Canoeing and the Environment Agency, we will have to abide by their guidance and cease all paddle sport activity until advised otherwise.
I would advise anybody thinking of ignoring this directive to reconsider as doing so would bring the club into disrepute.  I thank you for your cooperation in this matter.  Hopefully the current situation will pass sooner rather than later and we can all go back to enjoying our sport.  The most important thing is to stay safe and look after yourselves and your families and to keep up-to-date with current government advice.

Take care,
Brian Williams

Friendly Face Needed

We could still use one or two people to say "hi" to new members and show them where the boats are kept, etc. on a Sunday morning or two.  A few people have stepped forward already, but we could definitely use a couple more!  Please use the Doodle poll to offer your help:

Maidstone Marathon 12th May

So the racers were out again this weekend but on home territory. There were fewer able to compete this time due to helping running the event; tattoos and weekends away but still Maidstone had some paddlers compete.  The day was beautiful - however this has it's own challenges in that it brings out the motorised boats and these boats increase the waves. This meant that the ride through town was a choppy one and those choosing to try out new boats found this more challenging than usual. However it is brilliant that despite lack of confidence the MCC paddlers still went out.            For myself, I was very happy to have completed my very first K1 Div 6 race, achieving a respectable time and being the first veteran lady back. Roy Royston continues to put in good solid times in his division too.     Well done to everyone who took part. It was a great day and I am sure the other clubs that attended enjoyed it too.   

2019 Provisional Results Out

The provisional results for the Maidstone Marathon are now out, and you can see them here - congratulations to everyone who took part!

Luck Today

It's the Maidstone Marathon - good luck to everyone paddling in the sunshine today!

New members - welcome!

The sun is shining, occasionally, and that means we've got lots of new people coming to the Club!  As you know, we're a pretty friendly bunch, but it can still be intimidating for people turning up for the first time.  Whether they've just finished their beginner course, or whether they're already competent paddlers, it's nice for someone to be waiting for them to say "hi".

We'd like to have a rota, so that each Sunday there's someone who has volunteered to welcome new faces, show them around and make sure they don't get lost!  If you know where the coffee is kept, how to get into the boatshed and can find your way to the Malta two times out of three, you're definitely the person we're looking for!

Please sign yourself up for a Sunday or two using the online Doodle here:

Thanks - our new members really appreciate it!

Marathon Entries

Entry forms for this year's Maidstone Marathon Hasler are now up here - please get them to us in advance if you can!

Wey Hasler Results

Nine MCC racers took part in the Wey Hasler on Sunday 6th May in Guildford. There were 3 K1s - Paul Curtis, Bryn Price, Roy Rayner - and 3 K2s (Chris Ashcroft with Steve Rowe and Catherine Ayling with Ian Dann and Paul Newman and Keith Derham)

Paul Curtis in  K1 Div 4 was the fastest MCC boat over the 8 mile course completing this in 1 hour 9 mins 27 seconds. Catherine Ayling and Ian Dann completed their first Div 6 race so covering the new longer distance of 8 miles and completed this in a respectable 1 hour 12 mins 58 secs - only 6 secs slower than the boat before them. Paul and Keith won their race in Div 8_8, picking up 40 points for MCC. Everyone paddled well in what was a very choppy and challenging course. To see the full results click on this link:-

New Beginner Course Spaces!

Competition is fierce this year for our beginner course spaces, but we've added a couple more dates - get them while you still can!  There's nothing better than being out on the water, on a kayak in the summer - and with our boats, coaches and Club you can!

Currently we've got availability for courses on May 27th (Bank Holiday), June 9th (Sunday), and July 27th (Saturday)