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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

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River Access in Kent

In Kent, we're not free to paddle many of our rivers, and it's getting worse.  Angling Clubs and others have prevented us from paddling on the West Rother, the Upper Medway, and other stretches in recent years.  On November 28th, British Canoeing are launching the "Clear Access, Clear Charter" campaign to open up rivers all over the country to paddlers, perhaps similar to the CRoW act in 2000 that opened up most land to walkers.

Please contact your MP to support this.  Use the simple form at to email them now, but please write to them also.  Below are a couple of sample letters which you could use - one each for Tracey Crouch MP and Helen Grant MP, one of whom is likely to be your local MP, and a generic one you can change if you have a different MP.

These campaigns really make a difference - anglers and other interested parties are vocal and active at Westminster, and a couple of minutes printing this off, or sending a copy by email at, will make a big difference to this important right.


New News for the Newsletter?

As Douglas Adams famously said, "I love deadlines.  I love the swooshing noise they make as they go past!"  Don't let this one get by you - it's the newsletter deadline in only a week!  Race reports, gear reviews, paddle reports, poems - anything at all that you think the rest of the Club would be interested in.  Please send it over by Monday 12th November to  Thanks!

Laika the Space Dog

Tomorrow marks the 51st Anniversary of the start of the Space Age, when Sputnik 2 launched the first living thing into space: Laika, a small dog.  By an astonishing coincidence, we'll be at the pool session tomorrow helping you launch your paddling to new heights!

Clocks Go Back

The clocks go back this weekend, and that can only mean it's Steve's Yalding-to-the-Club Paddle again!  Take advantage of the extra hour and spend it paddling with us!

Trips & Paddling

The website has been updated with a bunch of new information on the different paddling disciplines the Club gets involved in, particularly looking at trips and how to get involved.  Take a look at the new stuff under the "Club" menu at the top of this page - you'll be glad you did!

Christmas (Party) is coming!

XMas party 2018Tickets for the Christmas Party go on sale today!  Save the date, it's always a good fun night!

Download this file (MCC Xmas party.pdf)MCC Xmas party.pdf1061 kB

Intro to Whitewater Weekend

If you've ever fancied paddling whitewater but weren't sure where to start, this is the trip for you!  A coached weekend introducing the basics of moving water on teh beautiful River Dee, probably the best venue for this kind of paddling in the country.  See the calendar for full details, suitability, costs, etc.