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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club

 We sea kayak.

 We race.

 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

 We mess about in boats.

 We run rivers.

Course feedback

I was looking through the feedback from our beginner courses held over the last few years, and I wanted to share some of it with you.  The top three responses to the question "What did you enjoy most about the course?" were

  1. The patience of the coaches
  2. How friendly everyone was at the Club
  3. The enthusiasm from everyone on the water

Well done everyone - give yourself a pat on the back this Monday afternoon!

Pls don't touch other people's privates!

A gentle reminder that only boats with Club boat stickers on, or with a number sprayed on, should be used from the boat store.  Any other boats - particularly those with PRIVATE BOAT stickers on - are in fact private and shouldn't be used.  If PAAs, coaches, trip leaders & others could keep an eye on what boats less-experienced members are taking out it would be really appreciated!

Maidstone Hasler Marathon

The Maidstone Marathon will be held this year on May 15th. Details and entry forms are on the attached flyer. 

More pool fun!

Lots of fun at the pool session on Tuesday - capsizes, braces, and general shenanigans!  The next one is on April 26th - see you there!

Independence and Boat Shed Keys

There are still spaces left on our Explore Course starting next Tuesday (19th April).  If you've joined the Club and been out on a few paddles, this is the course for you!  The focus is on becoming an independent paddler, rather than relying on someone to lead your paddles for you.  

Tides & Confidence

Much of the best paddling in our neck of the woods is tidal - either coastal, or on the local estuaries.  Given where we are, they're full of interest - derelict submarines, shipwrecks, abandoned fortresses - as well as wildlife.  It's a natural progression from our usual placid river paddling, and if planned properly is well within the abilities of any Explore-level paddler.  Conveniently, we're running a Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning course in only a few weeks!  This will give you the skills you need to successfully plan trips on our local waters.

Membership Renewal

I have just tried to email all members with details of membership renewal for 2022-23, however, it seems that some have not received this email so if this is you please see the pdf below. Sorry for the confusion it is a real pain trying to send emails to all members. 

Download this file (Membership Renewal.pdf)Membership Renewal.pdf65 kB

Canoe Beginner Course

Jacob & Martin are running a specialist Canadian canoe beginner course, looking specifically at techniques required to handle these graceful and versatile craft.  Spaces are strictly limited so get in quickly!  (This is a beginner course is for novices wishing to join the Club.  If you're already a Club member, drop Jacob or Martin a line and they'll be happy to run some sessions!)