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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club

 We sea kayak.

 We race.

 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

 We mess about in boats.

 We run rivers.

2013 Pool Sessions

Lee has organised the dates for next year's pool sessions - see the Calendar for details so you can get them in your diary!

Wednesday Night Away Tour

We're going to paddle down from Teston this Wednesday; the forecast is for a beautiful clear night, so there should be plenty of moonlight and it will be lovely!  Please meet at the Club at 5:30pm sharp so we can be away in good time.  Please contact me if you're coming and I'll make sure we wait for you.

New videos & photos

A couple of nice videos from Zac & others were uploaded recently, and some new photos in the galleryfrom the Dart trip & others - all worth a look!  (If you've been paddling and want to share, see the FAQ for details on uploading your photos & videos, or contact me for help)

Access to the Clubhouse

The re-programming of the juniors key fobs has been put on hold untill the committee has further discussed this issue. A meeting will be held on 13/12/2012 and any decision taken then wil be notified here.

Car Park Codes - Update

We discussed the issues with the car park barrier at the committee meeting last night. The barrier has really improved the parking situation, which is a good thing. The codes for the barrier are now posted:

  • inside the Clubhouse
  • inside the boat shed
  • here on the website (members only)
  • in the Fitness Club

There is also an intercom connected to the Fitness Club so you can be "buzzed out" if necessary.  We think this will be an adequate solution for the time being, but please contact the committee if you are having problems and we'll work to resolve them.


Car Park Barrier Codes!

There is now a barrier at the car park at the Club.  The barrier will open automatically, but you will require a code to exit!  The codes change every day, but will be posted inside the Club door.  The committee is meeting on Wednesday to discuss this ...


Coaching Development Group Meeting - Wednesday

Just a reminder about this week's CDG meeting, which should be of interest to all practising & aspiring coaches in the Club.  As always, please mail if there's anything you'd like to be discussed.

February Whitewater Trip

Julian is organising a trip to the Usk, Wye & surrounding areas for the weekend of 23rd / 24th February.  Please see this forum topic for details and to express interest so Julian can book the bunkhouse.