We are Maidstone Canoe Club

 We sea kayak.

 We race.

 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

 We mess about in boats.

 We run rivers.

The Three R's

That's right: Ropework Rescue Refresher!  For whitewater paddlers looking for a quick refresh on mechanical advantage, rescuing pinned paddlers, and maybe even some Throwbag Olympics.  September 11th, 6:30pm - hope to see you there!

Wanted: Architect

The requirements list for the new building has been approved!  This is an important milestone, because it nails down the facilities that need to be included in the design.  It's at this stage that an architect - someone familiar with all the various rules & regulations, as well as someone with the vision to make innovative use of the space we've got - would be a fabulous asset to the Club.  If there are any out there who would be happy to do some preliminary designs, we'd love to hear from you!

Paddle Opportunities for New Members

We have had many new members joining the club since this lockdown started and they are most welcome. However, they join us at a difficult time because they cannot just turn up at the club on a Sunday morning or Wednesday evening to go for a paddle in club boats and get to know other members. So, a few of us have been arranging paddles with groups of new members so that they can get access to our boats (more experienced members would be welcome). I will put these paddle sessions on our calendar under ‘trips & tours’ so this filter can be used to see all planned paddles. If people want to join these paddles, maximum of 6 at present, please contact the host. There is also a WhatsApp group MCC2020 where new members and existing members can put up messages that they are organising a paddle or would like to go on a paddle, the app is fine for initial planning but  the calendar will allow better control of numbers. Please contact me if you would like to join that group. Regarding keys for access to our boats, it would be irresponsible of the club to allow new members to have a key to the boat store until we know them and their abilities better. Particularly we do not want new members to invite their friends and family for a paddle in our club boats, it would be very irresponsible for the club to facilitate this. Sorry but for now you will need to be patient. Many thanks

Geoff, Membership Sec. memsec@maidstonecanoeclub.net 

Boat for sale?

Long-time member Geoff Hunter is selling his long-lived-but-still-riverworthy Perception Capel Canoes Mirage Club, for the bargain price of £30.  Please contact him directly to discuss.  (The boat for sale is the red one on the right)

IMG 2906

Summer Kayak Courses

We've added new beginner course dates!  If you've been looking forward to paddling on the river, now's your chance - including an ultra-short-notice course starting on Monday!  Please book online.  New start dates are:

August 10th (one-day intensive)

August 17th (evenings)

August 22nd (one-day intensive)

August 24th (evenings)



Peer Paddles

We have some dates for Peer Paddles for those members new to the club, or returning to the club following lockdown, there are 5 spaces available on each paddle. We will meet at the Club and paddle from there. Dates available are: Saturday 1st August 10 am with Geoff Orford Sunday 2nd August 9.30 am with Catherine Dacey Saturday 8th August 10am with Geoff Orford Please email secretary@maidstonecanoeclub.net to book your place by 5pm the day before. Please also book a paddle slot on the calendar to enable you to access the boat store and club.  Thanks and Happy Paddling

Sunday & Wednesday Paddles

We are looking for volunteer to be a friendly face and paddle with new members on a Wednesday and Sunday.

Ideally you will be a competent paddler, who can guide and encourage. You don’t need to be a coach, just be able to support new paddlers who may go slowly.

If you could do just one session it would really help.

Please contact Catherine, catherinedacey7@gmail.com.



On behalf of the committee

Brainstorming: results

More progress from the New Building Committee last night - Mat Simmonds has been working late into the night to turn the post-it note festooned whiteboards of the brainstorming session a fortnight ago into an actual spreadsheet of requirements, including all the comments and suggestions from all of you.  Next stage is for the Club Committee to endorse these at their next meeting, and then we can move forward!  Obligatory smiley photo below:IMG 7289