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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

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New lockdown booking system

The astute among you will have spotted a new "Lockdown Paddle Slots" menu on the left.  All use of the Clubhouse must be pre-booked to ensure that only one person is in the Clubhouse at a time - please, no impromptu paddling.   Please use the booking system to reserve your 15-minute arrival slot.  If you get a message like "This Event Is Fully Booked", please choose another slot!  There are posters around the Club, and more information will be published on the website shortly.

Apologies for the slight clunkiness of the booking system - please let me know if you have any problems with it.

Newsletter - Lockdown Edition

I'd love to put together a summer "Lockdown Edition" newsletter - I've already got a couple of articles from people, but we need some more!  Either trips you've done in the past but not written about; reflections on paddling; places you'd like to paddle; how you've been keeping fit / motivated / whatever during the time; what you're planning to do when we're allowed out - or anything else that strikes your fancy!

Please do send photos - I know it's hard to send them during lockdown, but the newsletter would be pretty dry without them!

As usual, please email to newsletter@maidstonecanoeclub.net

Stay safe ...

Club Membership

2020 was always going to be a changeling year for the club financially but as with many organisations it has got a lot tougher. I would like to thank all those members who have re-joined this year or who are intending to do so and have paid or committed to the full year’s subscriptions, despite not being able to make use of the club’s facilities for two months or maybe more. Without your support it would have been even more difficult so thank you very much. Please keep safe and well and get your exercise elsewhere. I’m sure the river and sea will be that much more appreciated once we are able to go paddling again, I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Membership Sec. on behalf of the club committee.

Did you know? Instagram

Did you know?  We're on Instagram!

Did you know? Race beginners

Did you know?  Wednesdays is novice night for the race team.  Come and give it a try!

Advice from the Environment Agency

Most of this is aimed at powerboaters and liveaboards, but attached here for interest.


Download this file (COVID-19.PDF)COVID-19.PDF121 kB

April & May Beginner Courses - Postponed

With regret, we've decided to postpone all beginner courses that were scheduled to take place in April and May.  We hope to re-schedule these courses for later in the year, and hope to be able to paddle with you over the summer.  If you had a space booked on these courses, you should have received a cancellation email this morning.  All payments are being refunded - this may take a few days to come through to your account.  

We hope to paddle with you in happier times.

Club conference - cancelled

Even more disappointing than the Six Nations postponement, even worse than cancelling the footie - this Tuesday's British Canoeing Club Conference has also fallen foul of COVID-19 and is going to be rescheduled later this year.  On a more serious note, this was an important opportunity for paddlers in the south east to give their input on BCs plans for the future; hopefully they will delay implementation of any changes until this can happen.