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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club

 We sea kayak.

 We race.

 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

 We mess about in boats.

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Disappointing response from Kent MP

I wrote to my MP (Helen Grant) about the Clear Access, Clear Waters campaign and had an extremely disappointing response from her.  In it, she defends the status quo, and will not support any new national-level motion similar to the Countryside Rights of Way Act.  (Note that the Club's local MP is Tracey Crouch; hopefully she will have a more considered view).  Full letter attached.

Winter warmer

... well, you can use it to light the fire once you've read it!

The Winter Newsletter is here - full of fab kayaking tales from our lovely members.  Enjoy!

Free Online Paddlesport First Aid Course

British Canoeing have put together a quick eLearning package covering the most common first-aid scenarios you might encounter on the water.  It doesn't replace a proper first aid course, but it's a good refresher or introduction.  It's free, and it's here!

Xmas Party - Reminder

Saturday 15th December 7:30. Turn out so far is very low, only 23 have bought tickets out of a membership this year of 221, surely we can do better than this. If you want to come please let me know,  you can pay via the calendar page. It would be great to have more of our newer members come along. 

Photos & Cake

Geoff is organising a slideshow from the Club's 2018 Scotland Sea Kayak Expedition to Mull next week (Wednesday 14th, 7:30pm).  This is a fabulous trip on Scotland's West Coast, and will give you a flavour of what it would be like if you joined them next year - this is an amazing trip!

Stolen Trailer

If anyone is offered any suspicious kit, or sees this trailer around, please contact as it was stolen from Seapoint Canoe Centre (Folkestone) on November 13th.

The missing kit includes: 

  • Perception Scooter sit-on-tops in red / white / blue especially made for British Canoeing

  • Palm Drift paddles

  • Peak Centre buoyancy aids


River Access in Kent

In Kent, we're not free to paddle many of our rivers, and it's getting worse.  Angling Clubs and others have prevented us from paddling on the West Rother, the Upper Medway, and other stretches in recent years.  On November 28th, British Canoeing are launching the "Clear Access, Clear Charter" campaign to open up rivers all over the country to paddlers, perhaps similar to the CRoW act in 2000 that opened up most land to walkers.

Please contact your MP to support this.  Use the simple form at to email them now, but please write to them also.  Below are a couple of sample letters which you could use - one each for Tracey Crouch MP and Helen Grant MP, one of whom is likely to be your local MP, and a generic one you can change if you have a different MP.

These campaigns really make a difference - anglers and other interested parties are vocal and active at Westminster, and a couple of minutes printing this off, or sending a copy by email at, will make a big difference to this important right.