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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club

 We sea kayak.

 We race.

 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

 We mess about in boats.

 We run rivers.

New PAAs!

Congratulations to our new Paddlesport Activity Assistance - Claire, Carolyn, Alex, Gerry & Chris!  We look forward to seeing you leading trips on the river!

Last of the Summer Wine

... or at least, last of the Summer Beginner Courses!  If you want to come paddling this year, these are your very last opportunities to come on one of our beginner courses.  We still have a few spaces left on the following dates:


Just a gentle reminder than our Club runs because of you & your fabulous fellow Club members who give up their time to put on trips, paddles, coaching sessions etc.  If you do sign up for something - particularly a coaching session, where numbers are limited - please do ensure you can commit to the dates.  It's slightly frustrating for coaches (as well as other Club members who missed out on a space) if you book and then don't turn up, or drop out of the remaining sessions.  Thanks!

Last call for articles

There's been loads of paddling during the good weather, and we'd love to hear about yours!  Please send over a short (or long) article about your summer paddling to by the end of next week!


A quick apology-in-advance for any delays to email responses or website updates this week, I'll be in intermittent contact only.  Normal service will be resumed August 23rd ...

Through the Looking Glass?

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the first publication of "Alice in Wonderland".  Follow us down the rabbit hole to a strange and wonderful land - the Maidstone Canoe Club pool session!  Marvel at kayaks going upside down, and sometimes back up again.  Be fascinated by the clear, warm water and friendly welcome.  Just don't eat the toadstools ...

New FSRT and Paddlesport Instructor dates

There's another amazing FSRT course running on 27th August.  The last one filled up in record time - get in quick!  It's a pre-requisite for the October Paddlesport Instructor course, which I know several of you are interested in.  Again, spaces are limited!

Last-minute space!

A last-minute space has opened up on our beginner course tomorrow - first come, first served!