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COVID-19 Information

Latest COVID-19 Information

Following the changes announced by the prime Minister on 1st June, British Canoeing have updated their guidance to paddlers. Below are the changes to the original guidance that applies to MCC. The RA has also been updated.

The full guidance can be found here:


As a club we recognise that our members would like to paddle in larger groups. As a committee we are happy for this to happen provided the guidelines are met.

You must still book a slot to arrive input your registration and get your boat sorted.

You must social distance at all times.

You must not interact with any other group on the water and all groups must social distance from each other.

There is no access to the changing rooms or kitchen.

Do not change in the toilet.

If members stick to these guidelines then we will be able to paddle in groups.

Thank you for continuing to support the committee during this time.


The Club is currently OPEN for paddling, with restrictions.  Please read all of the below before going paddling:

  • You must book your paddle in advance using the Lockdown Paddle Slot booking system.  This will ensure that  attendance at the club is staggered and only one group, e.g. single paddler,  family group or six club members meeting by arrangement arrive at the time booked.  This means no impromptu paddles, and is required by British Canoeing guidance.  There are 15-minute slots available throughout the day - choose the day and time you're going to arrive, click the appropriate "Book Slot" link and enter your name and email.  Slots which have already been taken will not appear on the calendar, so if the timeslot you want isn't showing that means someone else already has taken it.  You only need to book a slot for when you arrive at the Club to go paddling - when you come back, please let new arrivals have priority - you can use the time to disinfect your boat! 
  • You will need to have on the water membership of British Canoeing so that you are covered for the river licence and third party insurance, membership of MCC does not cover you for these paddles.
  • On arrival follow all the instruction on the notices about social distancing etc.
  • If you need to enter the clubhouse to put in your car reg please leave the door open while in there, this will help with ventilation and signify that somebody is in there
  • If you are using club equipment or retrieving your own boat and paddle from the boat stores make sure they are cleaned before and after use, there is a pressure spray in the main boat store for doing this. This is important because we do not know if they have been contaminated whilst in the store by an infected person coughing, sneezing or touching stuff. To be effective these measures have to be thorough.
  • When you leave please close the door and lock if necessary, you will need to disinfect the door handle so use a wipe, either one you have brought with you or one from those by the car reg screen, it can be the same one you used for the screen, take the wipe home with you for disposal perhaps bring a plastic bag with you to put it in. The same goes for the padlocks on the boat stores the fact that you may be wearing gloves makes no difference, gloves can carry the virus also.  
  • When getting on the water and paddling follow the guideline on the notices.
  • Most important, have fun despite all these restrictions