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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

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GDPR For Coaches

GDPR For Coaches

As coaches, we've often got access to sensitive information about paddlers - phone numbers, addresses, and perhaps medical info.  We've therefore got a responsibility to look after this data.  Some guidelines:

  1. If you're running a beginner course, or other course where you have sensitive information, please keep it in the filing cabinet at the Club.  (The key to the filing cabinet is in the key safe on the adjacent wall; code is 1664).
  2. Don't store participant information at home, or on your computer.
  3. Only download and look at the information you need for your course.
  4. Once you've finished with the information - whether this is phone numbers for a trip you organise or participant medical info from a course - delete it or destroy it.

GDPR principles are that we can access the information we need, for as long as we need it - but not longer.  We don't need to be too dogmatic about it, but by using a bit of common sense we can keep everyone's data secure.