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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

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Padlocks for everyone!

Will all paddlers with a key to the boat sheds, both racers and general-purpose, please re-lock the padlocks when out on the water, rather than relying on the electronic locks?  While the electronic locks are good, we've had a number of people hanging around and trying the doors occasionally, and the padlocks are far more secure.  Particularly if there is a power cut, as happened last month, when the boat shed door drifted open as one member had relied on the electric lock ...


Paddling for the over-35s

Lee Valley are running paddling progression courses for those over 35, for those looking to make the transition to moving water or to improve on it.  Please take a look if you're interested.

Otherness - 45 Days on the Isle of Beauty

In the summer of 2012, Dave Wise spent six weeks camped in the Medway Estuary, on Darnet Island.  Maybe you saw him as he paddled past, exploring the inner and outer estuary and foraging for food.  Maybe you met him on one of the guided Medway Canoe Trails he ran last year.

He's crafted a book and made a film about this most unusual canoe expedition, right in our back yard, illustrated with hand-drawn maps and images taken with a pinhole camera Dave made from driftwood.  It looks like an extraordinary tale.

See Dave's website here for more information, to order the book and to see the film.  It's well worth a look.

Geoff Orford - new email

Please note that Geoff's old email address is now defunct; please contact him via for now.

Spring Newsletter!

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