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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

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High River Level Info

High River Level Info

The Medway is a lovely and very safe river nearly all the time.  However, when the Environment Agency open the sluices - either before or after heavy rain - the levels can rise rapidly.  The character of the river changes enormously, and you should ensure that your skill level matches the conditions before setting out.  The river may be moving faster than you can paddle, and strong currents can make your boat behave unpredictably.  Trees and other debris - including loose motorboats -  may be moving at speed.  The force of the water against stationary objects - moored boats, trees, bridge stantions - can pin your kayak against them, and prevent you safely exiting the boat.  

River levels at the Club can always be checked here:

These photos and videos (November 2022) give you an idea of how the river changes in flood conditions.  We'd expect to see these kind of levels several times per year.