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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

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Committee Meeting Minutes 28 September 2020

Maidstone Canoe Club Meeting Minutes 28 September 2020

Meeting held via Zoom

Attendees: Charlotte Fife, Catherine Dacey, Catherine Ayling, John Simmonds, Lee Horton, Reece Nelmes, Paul Fife, Geoff Orford, Jacob Baisley.

Agenda Item


Matters Arising: Minutes agreed for meeting of 24 July 2020. These can now be added to the web site.


Chairman’s Report: The club has been very busy over the summer, with a number of socially distanced Beginners Courses and follow on paddles on most days of the week for New members.

Thanks go to Geoff for organising and running the MCC2020 Wattsapp Group for New members paddles.

The Covid-19 policy appears to being adhered to by the majority of club users.

New Build Sub Committee are meeting regularly, however the feed back to the committee is not working well. John is to liaise with Bryn to get regular updates of the progress.


Secretary’s Report:  Thanks Again to Geoff for his organising of the new members paddles.

A point from the last meeting, the Constitution does not fully describe the Club as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC). The Constitution will be re worded for voting on at the AGM in March.


Litter pick took place with the support of Medway Valley Countryside Partnership again thanks to Geoff in organising the groups to enable us to have 30 people taking part, all be it in small groups. We covered the river from East Farleigh to Allington Lock, collecting many bags of rubbish.

3 Members of the club also assisted the MVCP with their floating pennywort collection at Hampstead Marina in Yalding and then took part in online training by MVCP about invasive non native species.

Treasurers Report: Income is better than expected at the beginning of the year. Being able to run Beginners courses has increased income. There have also been 60 new members following the beginners courses.

A grant has helped the projected income for this year match that of last year. Income from fun sessions, pool sessions and beginners courses is down due to the covid restrictions.

Membership Secretary: 60 new members. Total membership now 186.

Some people are using the club who have not paid this year. If you see them please remind them.

New Build: Geoff put forward a proposal to build the boat store portion of the new build first. To build the internal wall and kit out for approx. 50 boats. This would then allow the remaining part of the build to be isolated and give access to more boat storage.

This was agreed with in principle, however when the proposals were put to the sub committee there was no priority given. This priority will now be passed to the sub committee.

Clear communication between the Sub committee and the Main Committee needs to be established.


Competent Paddlers and Club Calendar Events: New guidelines have been brought out by British Canoeing on what is deemed to be a Club Activity.

Any paddle on the Club Calendar is deemed to be a Club Event and so covered by BC insurance. However the groups must then be lead by competent paddlers as assessed as so by the Club Committee.

If an event on the Calendar is described as a Peer paddle then it is not a club event, but all participants must be BC members and if they are using club boats, must have a level of competency.

To help with Clubs doing this BC have a framework for Clubs to assess paddlers as being competent, it is the Paddle Assistant Award and costs £50 for paddlers to be assessed and certified by the club, the qualification is only valid at the club it was assessed at.

A list of people the committee think are suitable is to be drawn up and they will then be asked if they would like to do the Paddle Assistant Award.


Other Awards: Many of the New members have expressed an interest in furthering their skills. The Committee to put this to the CDG for explore awards to be put on the Calendar and also skills sessions paddles in place of some of the regular paddles up and down the river. It was suggested that we could have a   multi discipline skills session a couple of times a month.


Junior and Adult Vulnerable Paddlers: There have been a couple of incidents involving Junior and Vulnerable Paddlers. A meeting is set for those involved to discuss needs and actions and how we as a club can support them.

Junior paddlers need a DBS checked paddler with them unless they are with a parent or guardian. The CDG have been asked for coaches to run a couple of specific Junior paddles, more like fun sessions for the new and existing Juniors.




A policy specifically for Junior Paddlers to be drafted for input at the next meeting

CD/ All

Covid-19 policy for Autumn and winter: The QR code for track and trace is up in several prominent places at the club. (thanks JS).

We will need to open up more of the club, policy needs to be in place for each area.

Changing rooms can be used by limited people at a time, bucket and wrist band system could be used. Committee to put forward ideas via watts app and will be implemented by the end of next week 9 October 2020.

Reece to wire the extractors to the lights so people don’t have to remember to turn tum on and off



A check list needs to be drawn up for Robert the cleaner, however it is every ones responsibility to clean touch points before and after use.


Gym area to be marked out in socially distanced areas and policy to be available in the area, to include opening windows and fire door while the equipment is in use.

An update of the RA will be required


Use of Club Equipment: A couple on incidents have been reported of poor treatment of club equipment. The people involved have been approached and hopefully no further action will be required.

DBS Checks: due to the new guidelines from BC all members leading groups with children must be DBS checked by BC.

A list of those requiring checks to be given to CA. Also basic safeguarding training is required for the paddle assistant award.

Paddle Sport Instructor Course: This has been arranged for 5 and 6 June 2021.

This will be for 6 to 8 participants providing current restrictions are lifted. Cost £450 approx.

Tee Shirts for Coaches /Leaders: This is a request from CDG to make coaches more obvious at general paddles, not a problem currently. Bibs were looked at but are expensive. JS to print Tee shirts for approx £3 each.

Also suggested printing samples of Club Branded polo shirts, Tee shirts and hoodies for sale to members.


AOB: A racing Bosun is needed any ideas of people would be good.

Committee board needs updating


Need to look at the website to see what needs updating


AGM, discuss increasing committee size, additional welfare officer?


Date for Next Meeting: Wednesday 4th November 2020 7pm via zoom

Meeting closed at 10.30