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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

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Maidstone Marathon 12th May

So the racers were out again this weekend but on home territory. There were fewer able to compete this time due to helping running the event; tattoos and weekends away but still Maidstone had some paddlers compete.  The day was beautiful - however this has it's own challenges in that it brings out the motorised boats and these boats increase the waves. This meant that the ride through town was a choppy one and those choosing to try out new boats found this more challenging than usual. However it is brilliant that despite lack of confidence the MCC paddlers still went out.            For myself, I was very happy to have completed my very first K1 Div 6 race, achieving a respectable time and being the first veteran lady back. Roy Royston continues to put in good solid times in his division too.     Well done to everyone who took part. It was a great day and I am sure the other clubs that attended enjoyed it too.