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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

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Kayaking in France - Summer 2017

Bill and I are heading out to France again this summer, if anyone would like to join us. We will be having a family and friends fortnight. Our daughter and her boys will be flying out to join us. This is a holiday and, while we will be very happy for you to join us on the water, we won’t be coaching (though we can’t help giving tips and advice.)

On the water

There is a grade 3 section of river just a short walk from the campsite, so it is always easy to have a quick paddle, even if the rest of the day is spent doing something else. We will be paddling sections of rivers such as the Gyronde, the Ubaye, the Guil, the Durance, the Guisanne and maybe others, depending on water levels. Grades paddled will vary from 1 to 4. We took the boys in the duo last year on some bouncy grade 2/3 and they both loved it! The duo is a great way of giving the non-paddler in your life a taste of paddling.

Off the water

There are loads of different activities to do off the water. We may go cycling, do a via ferata climb (not me, obviously!), go walking or sight-seeing or even just sit around relaxing (not really!). We will visit the market at Vallouise and maybe visit Gap and Briancon. We will definitely go swimming and play with our inflatables and stand-up paddleboard on the lake, which is also a short walk from the campsite. You will be welcome to try the SUP but you’ll have to fight the boys for the inflatables (bring you own inflatables!)  There is also an outdoor swimming pool in the town, about a ten to fifteen minute walk. You could get a cable car up the mountain to go walking. The boys may persuade us to take them rafting again - this was surprisingly good fun last year. There is also a silver mine tour in the town which looks interesting for a rainy day (http://www.aditnow.co.uk/Mines/Largentire-La-Besse-Silver-Mine_15363/) We’ve not had a rainy enough day yet…


We will be staying in L'Argentière la Bessée at this campsite: http://www.camping-les-ecrins.com/en/  We have stayed here many times before. It is clean and conveniently situated.


Saturday 29th July to Friday 11th August 2017

Let me know if you are interested or have any questions.