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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

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Leeds Castle Triathlon

On the 25th/26th June Leeds Castle will be holding their annual Triathlon Weekend. Maidstone Canoe Club have been asked once more to provide water safety, on the moat, which the club has agreed to do. 

Subsequently, volunteers are sought to help out as safety kayakers (we need at least eight each day) on the water. We also need volunteers to run the stand. We also require a qualified safety officer. This is a great opportunity to paddle the moat, and watch the event as it unfolds. Because the swimming is the first part of the triathlons, water safety ends usually by midday, so plenty of time to look round. Of course at no financial cost to you, just your time. In the past paddlers have carried out the first known 'eskimo-rolls', and synchronised rolling, just for fun, after the events. Come on, take advantage, put your name forward , and have a great day out. 

Please put your name forward asap to Bill Norman, (, informing him of which day that you would prefer to help, if not both. Details of the event will then follow via email - so don't forget to send your contact details.