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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club

 We sea kayak.

 We race.

 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

 We mess about in boats.

 We run rivers.

Latest News

First 2016 CDG Meeting - this Wednesday!

Just a reminder that the first Coaching Development Group meeting of the year will be Wednesday 9th March at the club at 8.00pm. This is open to anyone with an interest in coaching at the club, whether a qualified coach or not.
Obviously the first agenda item will be to elect a new chair person. 
Then I suggest that we also need to discuss the following:
  •  Consider the length and the cost of the one star introductory courses. (I know that we discussed it last year, but it is important to make sure that we are using our coaching time efficiently and charging a fair rate.)
  •  When we want to start this year's one star courses?
  •  Make a list when courses will be run and who will coach them. Please bring your diaries. 
  •  Do we want to arrange any peer coaching sessions?
  •  Review the success of the away day trips and decide whether we want to continue offering these.
  •  Stand Up Paddleboards - update
If you can think of anything else please let me know. I'm sure there are loads of things...
Happy paddling!