We are Maidstone Canoe Club

 We sea kayak.

 We race.

 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

 We mess about in boats.

 We run rivers.

AGM - Treasurer

Good with money?  The role of treasurer is one of the most important at the Club:

Treasurer: Maintain a complete record of club finances suitable for inspection/auditing – present overview of club finances at committee meetings and statement of accounts at the AGM – collect annual fees and boat storage fees.

AGM - Junior Representative

A recently-revived post, currently vacant.  Vote for someone to fill it on March 20th:

Junior Representative: To represent the views and interests of Junior Members (This is a non-voting position held by a Junior Member)

AGM - Boat Store Manager

The Club Bo'suns (one for racing and one for general boats) are usually to be found somewhere around the Club!  Could you help next year?

Boat Store Manager: Check on boat safety issues, boat store use and audit the boat store as required by the committee. 

AGM - Membership Secretary

The committee member you've probably had the most dealings with, the Membership Secretary takes responsibility for managing boat storage, membership fees, and keys for the Club.  AGM on March 20th!

Membership Secretary: Keep a record of all club members – issue membership cards and welcome pack to all new members – send out membership renewal forms to existing members. Issue keys to members on payment of appropriate deposit.

AGM - Secretary

Currently held by Jane Addy, the role of secretary is a vital one.  Vote for the next one on March 20th at the AGM:

Secretary: Take and produce the minutes for committee meeting, AGM and any special meetings – chair meetings in the absence of the Chairman – chase up any actions agreed at committee meetings - main contact for the club for BCU purposes.

AGM - Chairman

The first of a short series looking at committee roles and what they entail.  All these roles are up for election at the AGM, Friday 20th March.  Please let Jane know if you're thinking of standing.

Chairman: Call and chair committee meetings and the AGM – official representative of the club – responsible for general safety within the club.

It's Nearly Christmas!

The 2014 MCC Christmas Party is nearly here!  Just one more week to go!  There are still some tickets left, so if you'd like to come please sign up quickly.

We're meeting at the Club about 6:30pm, then walking down to the Watman Park Jetty where the Kentish Lady, laden with a luxury buffet, will await!

See you there!

Christmas Party - Online Booking Now Live!

The Club Christmas Party (19th December, 7pm) on the Kentish Lady is filling up fast!  We've just added online payments for the tickets, so if you've not got yours yet then click here and get in quick!  (If you've already booked your place but not yet paid, please fill out the online form as well to confirm your space).  See you there!

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