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Club Activities During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Having reviewed Government and British Canoeing advice, the Club committee are pleased to advise that Maidstone Canoe Club will remain open for paddling for the time being. We feel that it is important in these difficult times to allow people to continue to take part in a fitness activity, which from an infection perspective is relatively low risk.

However, it is important for everyone’s safety that all members act responsibly during their paddling activities, so use of the club will be strictly subject to the following conditions:


  • In line with Government guidelines anyone who has any symptoms of illness, in particular a cough, fever, or shortness of breath, should be self-isolating and stay well away from the canoe club. This includes anyone who is self-isolating at home because another member of their household has symptoms, and those who have recently been in contact with confirmed cases.
  • All members are expected to wash their hands with soap and water when they arrive at the clubhouse, and when they leave. Please pay particular attention to washing your hands thoroughly after using the toilets. You may wish to use your own paddling towel to dry your hands. The club towels will be removed to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Please do not replace them with others.
  • Anyone using the club facilities will also be expected to follow Government guidelines about coughing and sneezing into a tissue, or into their sleeve, and then washing their hands thoroughly.
  • The club will arrange for hand soap to be available. Please don’t use excessive amounts (or pinch it!) as it is hard to get hold of at the moment as you all know. Door handles / keypads / parking terminals etc will be cleaned before and after club sessions, but we will NOT be cleaning paddles, boats etc after each use as we do not consider this to be practical. You may wish to clean the equipment you are going to use.
  • In order to follow guidelines on social distancing, the social room is not to be used for gatherings, socialising, drinking tea etc.
  • The kitchen area will be closed for food or drink preparation.
  • Please do not allow non paddlers or visitors into the clubhouse during the Coronavirus period.
  • No more than 5 gents in their changing room at a time please, or 4 ladies in their changing room, and try to keep a sensible distance apart whilst getting changed. Where possible, you may wish to change elsewhere and/or shower at home to avoid the need to use the changing rooms at all.
  • Coronavirus does not override normal paddling safety common sense, so we must all continue to paddle in groups, and not on our own, wherever possible.
  • The gym equipment, including ergos, is not to be used.
  • Whilst on the water, appropriate social distancing should be observed i.e. keep 2 metres between people. We’re normally further than that apart anyway, but rafting up / rescues etc should be kept for emergencies only.
  • Trips will still run (to be reviewed on on a case-by-case basis - please see website), but car sharing is obviously a no-go.
  • UPDATED: The pool is now closed, so pool sessions are now cancelled - see their website for latest advice
  • Courses have been cancelled, currently until 31st May.  We hope to begin running courses again after this date, but this will depend on government guidance at the time.
  • The Government has stated that unnecessary travel should be avoided to help prevent the virus spreading. Please do not travel long distances to paddle at the club, especially on public transport.

All races and other British Canoeing events have already been cancelled for the time being. The club is doing all it can to stay open in these difficult circumstances, but members use the club entirely at their own risk, and should carefully consider their own personal circumstances, and the risk they might pose to others, before leaving home to go for a paddle. We are all in this together, and there has to be zero tolerance for anyone not observing these common sense conditions. Any members who are seen to not be compliant with the conditions listed in this notice will be asked to leave the club immediately, and stay away until after the current situation has passed.

This document has been updated on 18th March 2020. It may be superseded by new Government or British Canoeing advice at any time. The situation is likely to change rapidly, so please keep an eye on the website for updates.