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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

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1066 Hasler

Once again good results for Maidstone CC at the 1066 Hasler race with both junior and senior members getting their share of the points
Bart & Jessica Wilkie got a 3rd place and earned us 18 Hasler points in the Div 9 K2 race with Richard Clark getting a 7th in Div 9 K1and adding 15 points to the score sheet.  Bryn Price and Paul Curtis had a tough race but managed to finish 2nd in the Div 7 K2 (19 Hasler Points) and earning Paul promotion to Div 7.  Mick Wybrew and Brian Williams  got a 2nd place in the Div 5 K2 and kept in  Div 5 Robert Molnar managed to stay ahead of Felix Collins in a very large Div 5 K1 Race with his 7th place.  However  the stars were Tom Collins with his 2nd place in another full K1 race in Div 4 and Joel Crampton showing that he is the lightning in the under 12 race with a well earned 1st position  
154  Hasler points scored by the team  must be a good days paddling. well done all, including the support team who provide so much encouragement to the paddlers ,