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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

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Book Launch on Darnet Island

Dave Wise is having a book launch - on Darnet Island, on the Estuary.  He will be running pinhole photography classes, exploring the island, learning how to forage for wild food and then running cooking demonstrations afterwards.   Karl Farrer, another local canoeist, will be painting and exhibiting inside the Victorian Fort on the island.

For more details, check out Dave's website and see below:

"Here's news of the launch of my new book, which will take place on Darnet Island, in the Medway Estuary, on Saturday 20th April. 

If you'd like to paddle your canoe over, this is what you'll find going on. My friend Karl Farrer will spend the day painting and exhibiting inside the Victorian Fort that dominates the island and I’ll be offering pinhole photogrpahy instruction between 11am and 2pm, after which time we’ll explore the island at low tide, taking in the Victorian remains, the site of the old pub ‘The Isle of Beauty’ and also learning how to forage wild food sustainably, which we’ll use in the cookery demonstration later that afternoon.

Karl has been canoeing the River Medway with me for 8 years now and his painting will reflect the journeys we have made, and the book I'll be launching, 'Otherness', tells of my six week stay on Darnet Island last year.

There is no cost to attend the event but you do have to make your own way to the island. High Tide is around 8.30am that day, so you have 2 hours either side of that to land. Try to land at any other time and you’ll be wading through thick mud! You'll also need to bring their own refreshments and a sense of responsibility. I’ll be advising how to visit the island without damaging the environment or the abundant animal-life found there but this isn’t a city centre, this is the wild Medway Estuary, there’s no Health and Safety guidelines there, so if you do come out to join us, and we'd like you to, you’re there at your own risk.

You'll leave Darnet in the evening at about 7pm.

If you'd like to order the book so I can send it to you before the day, then you can buy it here - - As you can see, if you order before April you get 25% off.

Do please let me know if you plan to come over to see us on the 20th, thanks."