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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

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Water Quality in River Medway

Are you concerned about the water quality in our local River? Anglers, Rowers, SUPs, Canoes and Kayaks use our river like never before.   As a club we have a record number of members. Given the poularity of Water Sports you may be surprised to learn that it is legal for Southern Water and Boat Owners to dump raw sewage iinto the Medway. The Environment Bill was passed by the Commons recently with an amendment to urge water companies to stop polluting our beaches sea and rivers. The House of Lords amendment was changed by the commons to still keep it legal to dump seage into our waterways and sea when the Victorian sewage system cannot cope. This happens in periods of heavy rainfall and where pumping stations are out of action.  The Bill is now in Committee Stage. Perhaps more alarming is the fact that unlike the Thames it is legal for boat owners to dump their sewage into the river. There are pumping out stations provded by the Environment Agency but there is no legal requrement to use them. This poses a serious public health problem for river users. If you feel strongly about this, support the Briish Canoeing Clear Access Clear Waters campaign by writing (e-mail is OK) to your MP. Ask him or her to table an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons so that it can be debated. it should be noted that if your MP is a minister they cannot table an EDM. All MPs can however draw this problem to the relevent Government Minister. Send a copy of your reply to British Canoeing and the club. Together we can help to clean up our lovely River Medway, making it a safer place for all users.