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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

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Independent Paddling at the Club - Guidance

Just a clarification about this year's rule-change from the Committee on using Club equipment, boatshed keys, etc.:

  • anyone at Explore Award (old 2*) standard or above can use Club equipment whenever they want and are eligible for boatshed keys.  Mail Geoff if you'd like a key for the boatshed.  If you'd like to take a Club boat away from the Medway, please mail the bosun first to check that's OK.
  • anyone with their own boat - regardless of paddling ability - can go out whenever they want, and are eligible for boat shed keys if they have a boat stored at the club.
  • anyone below Explore Award (old 2*) standard can only go out on an organised Club paddle. Club paddles should be led by someone with the Paddlesport Activity Assistant (PAAs) (or equivalent experience at committee discretion)

(Note that being at "Explore Award standard" doesn't mean you have to have the actual certificate - equivalent experience / ability is certainly good enough)

Hope that's clear - please mail someone on the committee in case of questions!