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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

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Coaching Symposium - Dates Choices?

It is proposed that Maidstone Canoe Club hold a Coaching Symposium for both budding and qualified coaches. 

Presentations will be both theoretical and practical. Any suggestions for inclusions will be gratefully received for consideration. If anyone would like to present or deliver a coaching session, that would also be acceptable. Subjects might include coaching techniques, forward paddling, open, racing, or kayak, freestyle etc.

It is suggested that the symposium be held during a weekend day in January: 5th or 6th, 12th or 13th, 19th or 20th, 26th or 27th. Please forward your date preference, and suggestions to Bill Norman, Chair of Coaching Development at cdg@maidstonecanoeclub.net

The symposium will be offered to other clubs so that ideas and skills can be shared across a wider community of boaters.