We are Maidstone Canoe Club

 We sea kayak.

 We race.

 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

 We mess about in boats.

 We run rivers.

Peer Paddles

We have some dates for Peer Paddles for those members new to the club, or returning to the club following lockdown, there are 5 spaces available on each paddle. We will meet at the Club and paddle from there. Dates available are: Saturday 1st August 10 am with Geoff Orford Sunday 2nd August 9.30 am with Catherine Dacey Saturday 8th August 10am with Geoff Orford Please email secretary@maidstonecanoeclub.net to book your place by 5pm the day before. Please also book a paddle slot on the calendar to enable you to access the boat store and club.  Thanks and Happy Paddling

Sunday & Wednesday Paddles

We are looking for volunteer to be a friendly face and paddle with new members on a Wednesday and Sunday.

Ideally you will be a competent paddler, who can guide and encourage. You don’t need to be a coach, just be able to support new paddlers who may go slowly.

If you could do just one session it would really help.

Please contact Catherine, catherinedacey7@gmail.com.



On behalf of the committee

Brainstorming: results

More progress from the New Building Committee last night - Mat Simmonds has been working late into the night to turn the post-it note festooned whiteboards of the brainstorming session a fortnight ago into an actual spreadsheet of requirements, including all the comments and suggestions from all of you.  Next stage is for the Club Committee to endorse these at their next meeting, and then we can move forward!  Obligatory smiley photo below:IMG 7289


New Building Brainstorming

The New Building Subcommittee met again on Friday, for a really productive session where we started to sculpt the wishlist from the committee into a list of achievable requirements that can eventually be turned into a set of plans.  Minutes and typed-up list to follow - watch this space!

IMG 2859IMG 2860IMG 2861

Increased booking slots

It's really important that we continue to use the booking slots at the Club.  Please don't "just turn up" - we'd like to continue to remain open and paddling, and selfish behaviour jeopardises that.  We've increased the number of slots to help ease congestion, but if you can't get a slot at the time you want - please choose another time!

There are now 4 spaces per 15-minute slot on Wednesdays between 5pm & 6pm and Sundays between 9am & 10am.  This should make it easier to find someone to paddle with, as well as helping find extra space.  If this is successful, we'll roll it out more widely.  As always, in case of problems please let me know!

New building - requirements request

Plans for the new building are currently being considered - and we need your input.  The committee has prepared a wishlist for what they want to see, and this is now fixed - please don't request things that are outside the wishlist - and we're working to turn that into some concrete designs.  At this stage, we're looking for general requirements - for instance, "all changing areas should be disabled-friendly" - and not too detailed (not, for instance, "all doors should be 825mm wide for wheelchairs").  As discussed at the meeting, we're following a design process which will be transparent, robust and will lead to plans which fulfill the wishlist, and this is an important step to get right.

Bryn is chairing the working group, so please send your requirements to him before Friday and he'll bring it up at the meeting. 

Exciting times!

New building news!

After much anticipation, the Club Committee has agreed a wishlist for what they want to see in the new building, which is the first step in bringing it into use as a new and fabulous Club asset!  A number of Club members with professional experience in construction and project management have been tasked with making this happen, and they met for the first time last night.  We had a really productive meeting (minutes to follow), and agreed a process and structure to take things forward.  We'll be consulting with everyone in the Club to make sure a wide range of views are represented, and once we've got things nailed down we'll draw up some plans and share those also.  This is our Club, and our building - your Club and your building - so we're keen to get everyone involved.  More news soon!

IMG 2837

Invasive Species Survey

If you're stuck in a boring meeting, British Canoeing would really appreciate you filling out this survey helping understand the spread of invasive species: https://leeds.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/paddlers-activities-and-invasive-non-native-species-3