We are Maidstone Canoe Club

 We sea kayak.

 We race.

 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

 We mess about in boats.

 We run rivers.


Just a reminder to please take extra care of the Club kit, particularly the SUPs in hot weather.  A fully-inflated SUP left in the sun will burst - one already has - so please partially-deflate them before putting htem away and particularly don't leave them fully inflated on the grass or car park.  (Pumps can be found at the back of hte boat shed to reinflate them).  If you're not sure how to deflate / inflate a SUP, please don't use them until you've found out!  (Lee can help with this).

It's probably also a good time to remind people about making sure skegs are up, as there's been some damage to these also.  You shouldn't be needing them on the Medway in any case! 

And the perennial plea to please empty & spnge out your boat if it's wet ...

NEW - Junior Paddle Club

Paddling is always more fun with friends!

Our NEW Junior Paddle Club starts this week for all our junior (8 - 16) Club members.  You'll need your Discover Award to come along (drop us a line if you don't have it but can already paddle), and it is going to be awesome - games, fun and kayaks.  What could be better?

Easing of lockdown 19th July 21

Following the Government announcement that Lockdown restrictions will be fully lifted on 19 July, the committee have agreed that until the rate of infection subsides, the following restrictions will apply at the Club. We believe this decision is in line with the precautionary words of the briefing and we feel as a committee we have a duty of care to all our members.

For now, the following restrictions will remain in place:

Face coverings to be worn in buildings.

Keep numbers to the minimum in  the indoor facilities, changing rooms, toilets, kitchen and gym area. Teas and coffee can be made but please ensure that after use all crockery and cutlery is washed, dried, and put away. Probably better still to use your own container. If you use the coffee/tea etc. provided please don’t forget kitty box. Please do not congregate in the kitchen.

Hand sanitiser will continue to be provided so please use these when entering the clubhouse.

Showers can be used again but single use only please.

General paddling will resume at 9.30 am on a Sunday  and 5.30 pm on a Wednesday, other smaller groups will be available where leaders are willing to run them.

Club boats and equipment should be sanitised after use. Please avoid crowding the boat shed and landing stage.

Please continue to use the NHS check and trace app.

These measures will be reviewed monthly at committee meetings.

GT River Ouse Trip

The Great Ouse trip that Mike Lambourne organised for 2020 was postponed to August 6th to 11th this year. Unfortunately some of those coming have had to drop out so there are place available for those who can make it. Boats and transport can be provided if you are relatively new to Kayaking. For further details please contact Mike ASAP as we will need to cancel the campsite places soon. mlambourne250@gmail.com.  

It's not where you go ...

... it's who you paddle with.

Huge thanks to Michaela and Tom for organising what was the most welcome reunion for MCC's whitewater boaters.  Being on the Tryweryn, a river we know and love, with good friends was absolutely the finest way to spend the weekend.  It was a long overdue return to everything that's best about normality.  Congrats also to those who completed their Whitewater Leader training and Whitewater Safety and Rescue courses over the weekend - we're all looking forward to a fantastic whitewater season!

Open Day 2021

Despite changeable weather and lockdown restriction this year’s open day was a huge success. A big thank you to all the club members who put in so much effort to make this so. Not only those who were there on the day working so hard and effectively but those who help with the organisation. Well done all. Some photos of the day are posted on the photo page but please look under 2020. 

Independent Paddling at the Club - Guidance

Just a clarification about this year's rule-change from the Committee on using Club equipment, boatshed keys, etc.:

  • anyone at Explore Award (old 2*) standard or above can use Club equipment whenever they want and are eligible for boatshed keys.  Mail Geoff if you'd like a key for the boatshed.  If you'd like to take a Club boat away from the Medway, please mail the bosun first to check that's OK.
  • anyone with their own boat - regardless of paddling ability - can go out whenever they want, and are eligible for boat shed keys if they have a boat stored at the club.
  • anyone below Explore Award (old 2*) standard can only go out on an organised Club paddle. Club paddles should be led by someone with the Paddlesport Activity Assistant (PAAs) (or equivalent experience at committee discretion)

(Note that being at "Explore Award standard" doesn't mean you have to have the actual certificate - equivalent experience / ability is certainly good enough)

Hope that's clear - please mail someone on the committee in case of questions!

Open Day Full!

We've been overwhelmed with the support for our Open Day this weekend - thanks to everyone who has booked a space!  We're slightly sad to announce that all spaces are now full - we simply can't fit anyone else in :-(  

If you haven't pre-booked a slot, please don't turn up "on the off-chance" - we really don't have enough boats for any extras!  But you can still book one of our beginner courses, or maybe we'll see you at our next Open Day!  

Happy paddling!