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 We are Maidstone Canoe Club.

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Wild camp on the estuary

The legendary Estuary Barbecue & Camp is coming up in just a couple of weeks (June 30th)!  Suitable for almost everyone, this involves a paddle over to one of the islands on the estuary, building a driftwood fire and singing(*) the night away!  We need to leave The Strand at 6pm sharp this year to catch the tides.  Speak to Norman for details.

* singing optional.  Earplugs for sale, reasonable prices.

Thames Trip

Mike Lambourne has organised a trip down the picturesque upper section of the Thames, from Rushey Lock to Reading, next month.  Riverside campsites, beautiful British countryside, and guaranteed(*) sunshine!  In truth, this is a genuinely lovely trip whatever the weather - contact Mike for details.  Suitable for sea boats, open canoes, touring boats, etc.  Speak to Richard if you need to borrow a Club craft.

* not actually guaranteed

Slovenia Looking Lovely

The first photos from our two overseas trips last week - enjoy!  Courtesy of Lee.

Norfolk touring trip

I'm looking at running the Norfolk Broads touring paddle again this year 18th-20th August.This is a really gentle easy touring paddle - no features. We will do a longer paddle in the Saturday and a breakfast paddle on Sunday.

Staying at Salhouse Broad campsite. We will have a BBQ on Friday and go to the pub on Saturday. There are no showers at the campsite.

Let me know if you would like to come.